• Handprinted Sterling Silver stud earrings


    Taken from my 2017 handprinted collection, where the inspiration has come from local Scottish wildflowers, these stud earrings are handcrafted in sterling silver by Veronica Jane Lynch

    Original and Unique double twist ring sterling silver hallmarked ring from my Entwine range of Jewellery.  

    Handcrafted using Silver in Scotland by Veronica Jane Lynch.

    Additional items from this range are available to purchase from my website or from my Dunblane Gallery at No. 1 High Street.

    This item can  be made to order in a range of finishes, materials and sizes.  Please contact Veronica for further information

    I N S P I R E D    B Y   S C O T L A N D

    H A N D B U I L T   I N   S C O T L A N D    

    H A L L M A R K E D   I N   E D I N B U R G H