Saint Andrew of Scotland Sterling Silver Pendant Hallmarked


This pendant is based upon a series of drawings of  sculptures taken from glasgow's architectural heritage.  It is a miniature sculpture of Saint Andrew of Scotland and is available in sterling silver.

Handcrafted using sterling silver by Veronica Jane Lynch at her studio in Perthshire, Scotland.

Additional items from this range are available to purchase from my website or from my Dunblane Gallery at No. 1 High Street.

This item can  be made to order in a range of finishes, materials and sizes.  Please contact Veronica for further information

I N S P I R E D    B Y   S C O T L A N D

H A N D B U I L T   I N   S C O T L A N D    

H A L L M A R K E D   I N   E D I N B U R G H